Asceticism Anonymous

I start most of my mornings by reading the words of the Desert Mothers and Fathers (The Apophthegmata Patrum for you nerds out there). I like to read sayings from two separate monks, any two, and then in the back of my mind I let these two sayings wrestle with each other whether or notContinue reading “Asceticism Anonymous”

I’ll Find You

I had just left a patient’s room when I heard the code. At the hospital I work at, every chaplain who hears the code and is able to respond does so immediately. I made a snap decision to pause my plans and I moved quickly toward the emergency. The patient was an elderly man andContinue reading “I’ll Find You”

Where My Mama Lives

I was supposed to buy a house  In Illinois Where my mama lives Had big plans A closed in porch And steady promises But the job fell through In Illinois And there my credit went Like when I came home  From the war Back in 2007  Fell on HARD times  And ended up On unemploymentContinue reading “Where My Mama Lives”

To My Scattered Colleagues

A lifetime ago, while stationed in Iraq, my supervisor was stranded at a base separate from us for three solid weeks. His absence created a number of obstacles for our finance team including our inability to officially close our business day. Each day that we conducted business (much like tellers at a bank), we wereContinue reading “To My Scattered Colleagues”